Adam Schefter

I know it’s your job to report news for the NFL. I appreciate you because you keep me informed on the sport I love and you’re really good at what you do. However, your lack of empathy for those who intimately know Dwayne Haskins is disturbing. 


The news of death was never intended to spread so quickly. The birth of twitter drastically changed the speed of reporting information to the public. Yes he was a high profile individual and the world was going to find out sooner or later. But what about his mama? What about his teachers? What about his close friends? The face of the person they love is plastered around the globe making the grieving process more difficult than it already is. Maybe some of them already knew but what if they didn’t? It was the same with Demaryus Thomas earlier this year. That shit is bogus. I know it’s your job but should his loved ones have to deal with the element of surprise by the media? I know it’s your job, but are there any boundaries you won’t cross? When you have an audience of 9.3 million followers, whether you know it or not, you have a huge responsibility to think about everything and how it will affect everyone! The sickening part is that because of the nature of what you do, pumping out content is essential. Tomorrow there will be a new hot topic that you’ll tweet out. Life will go on and your mind will be fixed on feeding the frenzy.


This is directed at Schefter but ultimately it’s for anyone who reports the news of someone’s death. First and foremost enter your heart. You are not your job. You are not your title. You are not your followers. You are not your popularity. You are a human, with a soul. Period. When you see yourself from this view you’ll come in contact with our interconnectedness as people and from that perspective everyone demands love and respect including at the time of their transition. Let’s stop right now sensationalizing and glamorizing death. Death is not one of your hot topics; it demands humility. 


I get it, you have to report on death. It’s. Your. Job. But before you send a tweet out – particularly when it comes to the transition of a soul – think with your heart, not your mind. Allow those who pass to truly rest in peace. 


With Love