Nobody ever said that it was easy to look in the mirror. Nobody ever said that being honest with ourselves would be one of the most challenging things we would ever have to do. But it is, and it’s worth it. You may discover when you embark on this journey of inquiring deep inside yourself that some ideas you have were implanted by other people. You can’t beat yourself up for that, that’s natural and it happens to everyone. However, if you continue on the same path, you will end up with the same results. So the first question we must ask ourselves is where do I want to go? Or, who do I want to be? famously said, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity”. This is what happens when we’re unaware and we refuse to be real with ourselves.

Agency: Owning your life. The technical term for the feeling of being in charge of your life. Having agency over your life is being able to sit in the driver seat, control the a/c, select your choice of music and control the speed. Not your friends’ influence. Not your emotions. Not your family. No. Only you! To get to that point, it’s painful because most of us will not like what we see in the mirror or the things we may uncover. I know I didn’t. It hurt like hell to admit to myself that I was a manipulator, a liar, and all sorts of other shit. But these feelings contain important insights that bring us closer and closer to what went wrong. And how it went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. Losing ourselves happens unconsciously.

We also find out what we like, what we don’t like, what makes us angry and sad. What situations bring out stress and anxiety. And most importantly, what’s being used as distractions. Striving for your full human potential can only start after you address the things that are prohibiting growth. Anything within your control is your responsibility, including your time. And if something is blocking you from your destiny it is a distraction. Excuses become like second nature when we are unaware. You’ll find a way to justify your shortcomings with excuses and eventually, you’ll be an expert at explaining why you couldn’t do it. When distractions run you, excuses rule you.

Whatever your heart desires is readily available to you. And if it’s important enough, you’ll figure it out. Removing the useless habits and replacing them with useful habits. Take control over your life and go get what yours. You deserve it!