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notes from the diary

And when the day comes, so comes with it a new me 

“You don’t call enough” 

“You’re fucking slack” 

“She probably hates you” 

“You know she doesn’t love you anymore right”? 

“Slack ass nigga”

Who is this person? 

And why is he belittling and badgering me ?? 

“Yeah…you should be afraid, she’s going to kill you”

These are the voices

That tell me I’m a bad person 

These are the voices 

That stand behind the curtain 

These voices are loud 

They command your attention 

These voices are proud 

Throwing me in submission 

These voices…. 



These are the voices  

That hooked America’s on drugs 

“Go grab you some good weed ..smoke until you can’t move”

But that’s only temporary as it only dims the mood 

“Well don’t pick up the phone-you should probably avoid”

But you’re the fucking reason I have all of these voids! 

These are the voices that me physically ill 

But these are voices 

Only I can kill

And when the day comes, so comes with it a new me