Common Denominator

Checking in on my balance. Too much is dangerous And too little doesn’t challenge. Im battling,

So the scale won’t tip. Causing me to drift, off into an abyss, It ain’t bliss – when,

Control is hijacked, A full fledged attack, Exposing what you lack, Inside.

Too much ego, Swallow your pride. Recognizing the other side Is how you become alive. And then thrive.

Escaping the ways of the world. Coming out the shell, Shining like – a pearl. Measuring your success? A way you’ll never progress. Stagnant in your mess. B/c of your unwillingness. To confess.

Yep. That’s how it begins. Admitting your sins. To get clear within. Or get faker.

Until you meet your maker.

Everybody hurts and that’s the common denominator.