Chill for a sec

Our new normal in the twenty-first century consists of having access to our devices at all times. 

Not sometimes, all the time! This has drastically changed the effectiveness and efficiency of 

communication. Which is always a good thing especially when it comes to a health crisis like the 

one we are currently experiencing. However, our devices have become so etched into our 

culture that we cannot live without them. We need them. Without our phones, we get anxious 

and scared. We feel less than whole as a person if it isn’t attached to our hip. This is when 

things can become a problem. When we feel powerless over our devices. 

This constant stimulation warps our mind. We constantly check our phones over and over again 

not because we want to, but because we have lost all control over our impulses which in itself is 

already hard to control. And now we’re a slave, bonded to a device that allows us to consume 

information by the truckload. The state of the world on social media can be overwhelming 

sometimes. It can leave you with a wide array of emotions that kill your motivation and drive. 

You actually start to see the world through a black screen. Mentally, clutter is expected. With 

clutter in our mind it makes it very difficult to focus on the things that are important to us. Like 

our goals, dreams, and aspirations. It makes it hard for us to have an in depth conversation 

because our attention span decreases. Which means we lose an invaluable skill, listening. 

There has not been enough time for sufficient public health research yet on the effects of social 

media on young brains, but I would be willing to bet that the findings will be disheartening and 

perhaps a bit scary. Hell I know it’s affected mine. 

Peace is hard to obtain because you have to intentionally take inventory of your life and 

eliminate the things that don’t serve you. Things we’re lowkey addicted too. That’s hard because 

we are creatures of habits and breaking any habit is very challenging. With peace, we’re clear. 

We can see things that were initially visible. The long road to obtaining peace is constantly 

asking yourself, is this helping me? Do I need this? I’m not advocating to get rid of your phone. 

We need our phones and they help us navigate through the world in a productive way. 

However, balance is the goal. Having the capability to say “I need to focus for these three 

hours” is a major accomplishment. And just like anything, it takes practice. It takes work. You 

must demand it of yourself. Declutter your life by eliminating wasted things and time. Take a 

walk in the woods where noise is nonexistent. Let your thoughts roam free and not be held 

hostage by the ways of the world through a black screen. As a matter of fact, leave it in the car. 

No worries on site. Gather your insight.