Coals Glowing

coals glowing

When you don’t live right, You can expect constant stress.

You’ll never grow, thinking you know the answers to the test.

Pointing fingers, blaming others for your self-made mess.

Letting the shadow win causing civil unrest.

In the mind.

You see,

There’s two of your kind. The one that you show, And the one that you hide

I’ve arrived,

At, The point where I teach. Truly, I don’t mean to preach, But we have to unleash,

That other.

That, We try to restrain. Tried to dodge it like the game But peace was calling my name. I’m ashamed.


The things that I’ve done. Had to study my patterns a And now my life has begun.

And I’m growing.

All of me I’m showing. Untapped potential?

That’s a coal that’s glowing.