Comfortable Illusions


A comfortable illusion.
Distinctly foreign,
To the world of blacks.
I was “lucky”, I had a name.
And could entertain.
Through a man made game.
But see,

There’s conditions on this contract.
Fine print that’s not attached.
Especially if you have intellect.
And they felt the need to
Remind me that,
You speak your mind.
And your thoughts don’t align.
With the “superior” kind.
Quiet Boy! You’re out of line!
A mindset.
Subject to,
Those who,
Don’t accept.
Their views.
Stay silent you fool!
You think you’re cool?
Don’t forget who created the rules!
Since they “bequeathed” this honor,
They can revoke it as well.
A transactional hell.
Standing up, but you fell.
George Floyd is me.
And I am him.

A comfortable illusion made you forget?