Divinely Ordered


The University of South Carolina Women’s Basketball team just won their 2nd national title in six years. When the clock hit zero and confetti dropped from the sky, jubilation was written all over their faces. When they’re in action, you see the grit- the will- the desire, the I will not be denied mentality. We see their confidence. We see these selfless superstars, who could be starting for any team in the country, come together playing for each other every time they step on the court. We see their humbleness. We see all of these things but do we ever ask ourselves the question: how?  

A commercial came on during halftime of one of the women’s games last week and I heard a familiar voice telling me that if I try these oofoos I will never own another pair of slides again. Shit! Why do I want to buy these shoes now? The Target center is in Minneapolis, Minnesota; 1,200 miles away from Columbia, South Carolina. But all I hear is gamecocks cheering during the game. How? How is she able to inject a whole city, state, and country with pride and joy? 


“This journey was divinely ordered” 

Dawn Staley 2022 National Championship presentation acceptance speech


I’ve only met a few people in my lifetime that, when you enter their aura something shifts inside of you. You feel it in the atmosphere. Something is distinctly different about this human and you are healed when in their presence. I could try to describe it but no words can convey it. It is an experience.

Spirituality is the only true realm of reality. We conduct ourselves as a person with a mind and a body with wants and dreams and desires but the womb of existence is none of these things. Personally, my spiritual life was inherited and unexamined. This led to a misinterpretation of what it means. This led to a misunderstanding of what I really am. Thank God I found my way back home.


We’re all divine. The difference with Dawn is that she knows she is divine and that is why she is a cultural icon. When you’re in tune with the divine everything aligns. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, there will be struggle. But at the end of the day you find refuge in the unchangeable and omnipresent. You realize that you don’t have to be anything but yourself. She is a walking certificate of authenticity because that’s what comes with knowing. An understanding that you are complete as you are. No enhancements or alterations of thy self are necessary. Dawn just doesn’t make you care about basketball. Dawn makes you care, period.  Basketball is a medium that she uses to infuse her wisdom into the lives of the next generation and it spreads out of the gym into all walks of life. Dawn is way more than a coach. If we pay attention, there is something deeper she’s evoking. There is something she is unintentionally and intentionally displaying for the world to see…