Hall of Fame


Ever since that day 

That memorable day 

That eye opening day 

That transformative day

I’ve been peeling back the layers 

Shedding that old skin that kept me bundled tight 

Like a newborn in the dusk of the night 

Lulling me to sleep as my arms are inaccessible, I can’t fight 

This is my existence- a puppet disguised as a human 

Strictly sent for entertainment- 

Well, at least that was my interpretation 

Not actual communication but feeding the infatuations

Giving them what they wanted 

Acting exactly how they expected 

Unknowingly I neglected 

the one who needed attention 

The one that I was dismissing

Crazy how “I” and “me” can be so distant  

Different people, same body, 

But one just won’t listen 

Not trusting my intuition 

Falling back in the system

Sacrificing my sanity 

To be 

Who they wanted me to be 

Hall of fame induction and I can’t even be proud 

If the universe was speaking it was yelling real loud.



*Lauryn Hill on her MTV unplugged album shares her personal experience of losing herself to public opinion. A must listen.