Human II


III find myself in constant repentance. 

Because every time I take a dip into my mind it feels the need to remind me of my past.

Something that’s passed. 

You see, I’ve done some things that would force the devil to give me a round of applause- 

A standing ovation- 

Bestow me his crown- 

Without hesitation. 

I’ve seen some things that, 

Can’t be unseen. 

Images and, 


Etched into my memories, so vividly, 

So viscerally that sometimes I teleport. Stretching my arms out, reaching, and hoping that I could grab that kid, that kid with the braids who just wanted to fit in before he opens a door,

That can’t be closed.  

Some words that have came out of my mouth have been so hurtful, 

That if it was written,

The ink would instantly vanish,  

The spirit would set fire to my paper, 

Destroy my pens,

And slice my fingers off of my hand, 

One by one. 

I’ve chased some things that are uncatchable.

I’ve thought some thoughts that are unthinkable.  

And for these reasons,

I make sure, 

To be present,

To be kind,

To forgive