I Run

I Run

I’ve been running for as long as I can remember 

I run because its fun

I run because its free

I run because I know whats its like to not be able to run 

I run for the benefits 

Mood boost – energy – clear headedness 

I’ve even tried to run away from myself


But truthfully 

I run to remind my mind of who’s in charge 

When I feel like quitting I make a conscious decision to keep going 


Who is this I – I refer to? 

Because it’s obviously not my mind 

It’s not my body 

Hence why I have to tell my body and mind to keep pushing through the tiredness and the pain 

It’s something so subtle 

Not of body and mind 

It’s far greater than body – mind 

Who is the one behind the mind? 

Who is the one behind the body? 

Who is unchangeable? Who is ever present? 

Who is really running the show ? 


-I run