The fire that came out 

When I felt I was attacked 

Probably over something petty 

Now that I’m looking back 

The blow my ego takes 

When I know that person’s right 

Justifying my mistakes- not going out without a fight 

The awkwardness I feel 

When the energy is off 

Vibrations tell the truth  

Vibrations can’t be bought 

The guilt that I feel 

For all the stupid shit I’ve done 

Shame for the same mess 

It’s bottled up as one  

The irritation that I feel when I don’t know what to do 

The frustration that I feel when they reject my point of view 

The realness that I felt when I stopped living on the surface 

The hope that I feel when I know I have a purpose


The fear that I feel 

About the things I can’t control 

The connection that I feel 

When I know I’m not alone