Learned Lessons

learned lessons

We think that we’re good, 

Until we’re depressed.

Our aim is to please, 

Until our mind is a mess. 

We don’t need anybody, until we’re in trouble.

Don’t know who to trust, so we live in a bubble. 

We tough it out, 

Until the pain is too intense. 

We think we’ve moved on, 

Until we reminisce. 

We think we’ve changed until temptation pulls us back.

Whispers in our ear, just like a fien on crack.

We want a lot of money because, “it’ll solve our problems”. 

Yes that might be true, but not the problems that need solving. 


Without purpose, 

That’s when you slowly, start dissolving. 

Find who you are- grow, keep evolving. 

We have all the answers, 

Until we’re forced to listen. 

We think we’re a man until we have to make man decisions 

We find it hard to focus, 

Because of all the distractions. 

We easily judge others until we need some compassion. 

We map out our dreams, 

And everything we want. 

We think we have time-

Until, we dont..