Doing what I love and loving what I do. 

I see no competition because there’s nothing I’m trying to prove. 

Just enlighten with these fingers as they move over these keys. 

Had to simplify because it puts my mind at ease.

Thank God for Bob Marley- easy skanking is the vibe. 

We live in a, 

Who’s who world. 

Constantly comparing. 

Full body scans mid conversation just to see how we stack up. 

Ranking our worthiness as human beings by the things we have. 

Or the things we’ve done. 

Or the circles we occupy. 

Analyzing the statistics of our peers like a mathematician.

Gathering that data, compiling it into our psyche, where it sits,

And stays. 

Unconsciously making us feel inferior to a stranger.

“I’m a failure”.

“I’ll never be as good as he is”.

Now you see, that’s the danger.

Taking things at face value.  

And believing what society tells us success is supposed to look like. 

Your status in this distorted reality we live in may make you think that you’re not good enough. But you don’t have to believe those thoughts.

You don’t have to adhere to the system.

You weren’t made to assimilate or abide by standards. You are the standard!

Your uniqueness is your gift.

You just have to walk your walk. 

Take your time. 

Be present every second. 

Focus on yourself.  

One more time….. 

Focus on yourself. 

And the wool will be pulled from over your eyes.