Lose Your Notion

Our views on life in America are not by accident at all. In fact, we’ve been steadfastly committed to what we believe. And also, what defines a successful life. 

Capitalism. One of the foundational ideals that has built America into the powerhouse it is today has also caused us great confusion in the quest for meaning in our lives. Things give us great satisfaction and pleasure. Sometimes, if our money is right, those dirty pieces of paper can buy happiness! The only downfall about these things & items we have at our disposal is just that! We have too much at our disposal. We have to keep up with what everyone else has! Temporarily, we can find some joy. But after the honeymoon phase has passed, and the interest lowers, we are back to square one. 

So we find something more extravagant, more entertaining, more durable. We crave those moments of joy and happiness so we want them to last longer. After years of accumulating our greatest desires, we become numb to the materialistic fulfillment theory. We dont believe it anymore, but because that’s what society markets, we continue to chase these things that will never fulfill our true being. You have to remember, There are people whose main job is to infiltrate our brain, hijack our emotions, and market a product we quote unquote, need. We assimilate and conform for the sake of inclusion. We’re lost an island with many others who were taught through modern culture the same ideals. 

The double edge sword of capitalism plays a significant role in our thinking. If we dont sport the latest, or have the newest, how will we fit in? Our subconscious is shaped by the social world and because of that, what becomes a top priority? What people think of us

The amount of stuff we have becomes a barometer that measures the value of human life. We buy meaningless stuff because we are aimless in our pursuit of a meaningful life. We have no direction or sense of purpose. Our chase for worldly acceptance through tangible items leaves us unfulfilled. 

But what happens when we lose this notion? When we refuse to live by the rules of the world. When we’re no longer chasing acceptance, but chasing a better version of ourselves. When our values aren’t what they think of me, but they shift to, what I think of me. You no longer value the validation of strangers. You accept the things you cannot change. Fate becomes your competitor. And everyday you wake up, you’re questioned by fate. And your individual life demands a response. 

Say yes to fate. Don’t run from it. Even when it’s scary and you’re unsure if you have the strength to get through it. Say yes. Say yes to suffering. Say yes to everything life throws at you and you’ll invent your meaning.