Striving for self control,

Because I never had it, it’s a struggle, 

But I’m maintaining, staying focused, no more playing, 

Devil on my shoulder and he’s looking for entertainment, I can’t blame him, 

We live in a….. 

World full of pleasure that pulls at me daily, 

Studying my every step, watching me when I’m sleep, preying on me when I’m weak- 

Making me, 

Want to take this fu**** phone


That hacks my psychology 


Without my consent 




Into the middle of the Indian Ocean. Where it can’t tell me what to do and what to watch and What to care about.

And what to be. 

Take one last look at it, 

One last time, over the horizon, 

Watching the sun rise before I drop it, 


And enjoy my next few days with natives. 

Fishing for lobsters that we plan to cook on the grill that night. 

Off the coast of Madagascar.


Striving for self control, because I never had it.