Why I’m Writing

I was sitting at home one day watching ESPN and the Rashaan Salaam E:60 preview came on.

Like many people, I had heard about him because of his greatness on the football field and I always wondered what happened. And then I read his story. And then I watched his story. I know that an article or film cannot do justice to one’s life. Only that person can capture his true being and there are questions that will forever be a mystery. But I remember pausing midway through the article and taking a deep breath. I was realizing how much I resonated not with his football career, but with his concealment of pain. The stories of those closest to him painted an alarming resemblance of my reality.

This blog is just a channel for me to release my true expression because it helps. I’ve done a lot great things in my life and have been very blessed to be surrounded by great influences. I’ve also done a lot of shit in my life I’m not proud of. This blog will be a compilation of what I’ve learned by looking in the mirror and being honest with myself. Sometimes it comes out as poetry and other times it’s just a piece of advice I think could be helpful. Feel free to share with whoever you feel could benefit and leave comments if you’d like. 

I want to thank my family, friends and supporters for your unconditional love. I want to give a special shout out to my ladies. My mom, Yolanda. Your example is why I stand with dignity. My sister, thank you for being my best friend. My dog mocha. Thanks for teaching me the importance of being present. And my wife Miranda. Thank you for loving me even when I don’t love myself. 


Below is a clip of the E60 preview because I couldn’t find the whole video. I’ve also attached a link to the story Sports Illustrated wrote. I appreciate the Salaam family being so transparent with the world and allowing us a glimpse into his life. His story saved me. May God rest his soul peacefully. 


Click here to see the ESPN Video

Click here to read Rashaan Salaam’s story