Pandora’s Box

pandoras box

Narcos is one of my favorites of all time. 

Not because of the crime, or how they shine.

Not because they’ll pull the trigger at the drop of a dime. 

But the men- you see, they seem fine. 

But who they are in public, 

Versus private, 

Is misaligned.

Skilled concealers- juggling two completely different lives. 

You can feel the internal dilemma when you look into their eyes.

They know it’s wrong, 


What is wrong when you’ve been doing something for so long?

Off in the deep end, too far gone. 

Trying to swim back to shore but your demons pull you down more. 

We keep the forbidden hidden in fear of the response, but what about the kids that will open Pandora’s box? 

Set them up for the kill? 

Still keeping our closet locked?