Stand fierce against hatred…
Air so tense right now you can taste it
Feeling left out, out of place in this nation
Hell we here now, might as well face it

Don’t know what’s gotten into me
Everywhere I go white people looking like the enemy
Not conscious, but subliminally
I don’t like it, I don’t get it
Affecting my mood, can’t even groove
This shit is killing me
We conveniently,
All our commonalities

We all hurt the same, we may see it different, but we all feel the pain
It’s not the same, and never will be
As I change my trajectory, of a life true to therapy
Michelle Obama reminded me
What’s always wins
In the end

And a little reciprocity
I gotta be an example
A lot of people follow me
And honestly, things will never ever be perfect
But I think that’s the point. To recognize we’re all hurting..