Constant Reminder

constant reminder

A few months ago, a player in the NFL was making headlines for multiple off the field incidents that had occurred over a period of five years. And the reactions were eye opening. I saw comments filled with all types of hate and disgust. “He’s an asshole”, “He’s a terrible person”, “Why does he still have a job”?  And I get it; some of his behavior was awful and I don’t agree with any of it. However, that doesn’t give me the right to throw stones. Do I always get it right? No. Have I made some bad decisions? Absolutely. When it comes to us we sweep it under the rug but, when it comes to others, we’re quick to cast judgment. 


All of us are imperfect creatures trying to do the best we can. And when the news was breaking I could only feel compassion. Not for the man, but for the human.  


Life is full of intimate moments that people don’t see. Social media has distorted our perception of reality and because of that, we forget. We forget that life gets rough, for everybody. We all have those moments when it seems as if things are falling apart. When you’re scared- and exhausted because you’re emotionally drained. When you don’t know what to do, or how to respond, so you say something stupid, or do something stupid. We can paint a beautiful picture for the world. We can wear nice clothes and drive nice cars and portray an image that looks like we have it all together. Still, none of that changes the internal struggle. Everybody deals with these challenges, including the people we label famous.