Shadow Work

Growing up, some topics are just forbidden to discuss. Not necessarily in the household, (although that is the case for some people) but in society. What those topics are isn’t the important part. What’s important is that they were not discussed in detail by responsible adults. Period. Innately, you know not to ask certain questions because it may come off as immature. Or maybe it’s just seen as overstepping your boundaries as a kid. The tricky thing about being a human is that once we catch a whiff of something foreign, or something exciting and new that we aren’t able to explore or discuss, we desire to know more. 

During the Victorian era they banned all pornography. A few years after the ban had been put in place, the first pornographic film industry was developed. We naturally desire what we do not have. We want to know more about that certain subject that caught our eye. It’s just how our brain works. We formulate concepts by looking at its opposite. And because of this fact, we are held down by mental shackles. A shackle is something that restricts how much you’re able to move. You can’t go far. You must stay within certain parameters. These shackles are so tight around our mind that we find a way to compartmentalize our deepest darkest secrets. These things are “bad”. We can’t open up to anyone about our struggles because we are so frightened of what they might think. And because of a lack of education on these subjects, we learn by trial. And mostly errors. A lot of errors. Hell of a way to learn right? We suffer from a civil war that started rumbling before we were even conscious of it. We suffer from restraining emotions. We suffer because our shadow side has to hide in the dark. We suffer because all of the questions we had were never answered. All of the things we repressed as a child or as a teenager spill into our adulthood and have the potential to ruin everything you’ve built. For the shadows grows the more you deny. 

Give you shadow the acknowledgment it craves. Confront it. Admit your fallible nature and in doing, so you free yourself.