Stockholm Syndrome

stockhom syndrome

I drive through small towns

Because I’m a wanderer 

And whenever I’m in a small town

Particularly where there’s not a lot of black and brown – 

And I see that football field 

Its reassurance 

Of what ? I don’t know 

A lot of things 


Community – 

A reminder that unity 

Is a possibility

Regardless of what’s happening  


Its comfort 

Its a blanket of security 

Although my body was broken a few times on those fields 

I still gravitate towards those fields 

I don’t know 

Maybe I’m an addict 

Maybe I love pain 

Maybe I’m crazy 

Why would somebody still love it 

How could someone still love it 

Maybe I’m stuck in mentally abusive situation 

And my partner manipulates every time I try to leave 

It’s a part of me 

Etched liked a tattoo 

Engraved like a tombstone 

The remedy for my mood 

The fuel for my joy 

Because without that grass 


-I wouldn’t know how to fight in life 

Without that grass – I wouldn’t know how to get my ass up when I’ve been knocked down 

Without that grass 

I wouldn’t know the definition of courage 

And without that grass I wouldn’t have experiential knowledge 

And insight 

To know 

For certain 

That I can do anything