The Gardener

What grew in that garden,
I had to abandon.
Seeds had been planted,
& they manifested.

Thoughts become action,
pleasure, but a distraction.
Didn’t know who I was,
not even a fraction.

Imposter syndrome,
took over the dome.
A fallible clone.
Scared to be alone.

An imitation of men.
Who are of my kin.
Lost in their skin.
Going backward to win.

The cyclical nature,
Of filling the void.
Treating women as toys.
Keeping men as boys.

Accept who we are.
Align our body & mind.
And you’ll be fine because
you’re the gardener this time.


In this piece my intent was to shed light on the power of influence. We’re constantly being molded so we have to be mindful of what we consume and who we’re around. This poem was not easy to formulate because I had to take an objective look into my past to discover the roots of my destructive habits that led to immoral behavior . What I found left me with resentment towards certain people. Ashamed of myself. I felt like a big phony because my public persona didn’t match my private self. It sucked, but that confrontation was vital.

I understood the why behind my behavior and once you understand the why, you can eventually learn to accept. Accept that you F’ed up. Accept that you can’t change what’s happened. Accept that whoever steered you in the wrong direction didn’t mean to harm you. Their intentions weren’t malicious. They just didn’t know. Once you understand your roots, you have the power to accept, and once you have accepted, you’re now able to see the facts. Everyone is human, unlocking your compassion.



“Man will only become better when you make him see what he is like” -Anton Chekhov