The Tough Questions

tough questions

College is a whirlwind. For most, like myself, it’s the first time that you’ve actually been on your own. And also for most, the thought is exciting.

“I can stay up as late as I want”! 

“I can do whatever I want, when I want”!

This excitement can blind you from the realities you will face and the questions you haven’t pondered. What will I eat today? How will I go get the food when I don’t have a car? Where do I go to pick up my books for class? Where is the math building? And laundry. That damn laundry our mom did that we took for granted. We slowly start to realize that this freedom people hype up isn’t necessarily free. We realize that college is more than just hanging out and having fun. Thankfully we have a class schedule that blocks off certain times throughout the day that tells us when we can take care of all the other shit we have to do- if we decide to do it. Damn, choices are something else I tell ya. Slowly but surely I got it together and got into a rhythm although in the beginning I was swimming trying to find the right balance. Couple that with being an athlete and now you have another set of responsibilities to worry about. I’ve seen how trying to juggle those two acts swallows guys whole and spits them right back out. They just can’t get out of their own way. Ego trips them up because they can’t listen. That family connection is strong so they miss home- stripping them of focus. Maybe they don’t understand prioritization and have no guidance. 


It’s hard being a college student. But if we can learn to adapt to this grueling schedule, if we can learn to adjust to the circumstances, if we can learn to sacrifice our pleasures and desires that the college scene offers, we won’t be disappointed later. 

Disappointed in what you might ask. Well, life. Just like college, life gets tough and it can be even tougher if we don’t have any structure. In college, you have an opportunity to build your day from scratch- minus the time you’re in classes. A blank template that you get to fill in, no one else. And life gives you that same opportunity. To create how you want to live. Will it be hard? Yes. Expect it to be. I work as a life coach and wellness consultant so that requires me to do multiple things daily. 


  • Workout 
  • Read about childhood development, sociology, psychology, wellness
  • Write 
  • Create lesson plans 
  • Take care of my body 
  • Get proper rest 


Are there some days I feel like shit? Absolutely. Did it take time for me to become consistent?  Yes. But now I’m programmed so I have no other option. I don’t believe in preaching but not practicing. Young adults can tell if you’re real or not. 


And I’m not saying live under a rock and study all day because I feel it’s just as important to have fun every now and then and let loose. What I’m asking is who do you want to be? Or become? Because that will be the determinant factor in how useful and productive you are with your time. Older adults I know currently tell me they don’t like what they do. And at the end of the day, to pay the bills, you have to do what you have to do. But how long will you be miserable? Forever? Create a blueprint to leave that energy drainer of a job that you’re working. 


This whole passage means nothing until you start asking yourself those reflective questions. Put the heat on yourself. Those tough questions like: Am I really working at a place that fulfills me? Do I like my job? The more you think about it the more answers slowly start to burst out of you. Deconstruct where you are. Look at the pieces and discard of what you don’t like. Start from the ground up building towards the life you want an know that it takes persistence. However, it’s worth it. You deserve to be fulfilled in life. We all do. 


Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs by The Carters for some inspiration. Titled “Nice”