Under 21 (with concern for your sanity)

under 21

Stepping out of the norm and blazing your own trail takes a massive amount of courage. You risk being shunned and shamed for making decisions that are unconventional. It is natural for those who have never leaped to judge concepts outside their understanding. You will feel their disapproval.

This realm of being is scary at first. Self doubt rises. The ground is unlevel. We are walking in uncertainty. We are faced with challenges. We will fail. Whispers about your choices can spook you back into conformity.


Don’t do it 


As Pema Chodron says, “To be fully alive, to be fully human is to be continually thrown out of the nest”. Out of the nest is where we can objectively observe the rat race you previously existed in. When we’re out of the nest we can feel what pulls at our heart. We can see the chaos of mass media. Out of the nest is where we find our life’s calling. Out of the nest is where you can embrace your uniqueness. Out of the nest is where you are able to fully express yourself. Out of the nest, you become whole. 


With concern for your sanity