You get to Choose

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Motivated by growth, 

So it’s hard to lose.

Incremental progress, 

Yeah that’s the move. 

Little by little, 

Start expanding your views.

Little by little, 

Start enhancing your mood.

You get to choose, 


You want to be. 

Reminds me of my hero, 

Mamie Till-Mobley.

She made a choice, 


Stand with dignity. 

Open that casket and 

Let the world see. 



That person inside.

They’ll either stand tall, 

Or they’ll run & hide.

And in a room full of hate,

She stood with pride.

Mask off no filter,

No disguise.

I’m alive.


Been dead for a minute. 

Took off those mental chains 

And now I have no limits. 

Had to put the pride down and let the ego diminish. 

Looking in the mirror I think I like what’s in it.