You do the same thing


Late night and my thoughts are speeding.

Guess my subconscious doesn’t know, 

That red means stop, and green means go.

I entertain his nagging, and submit to the attention he’s craving.

“You do the same thing”! 


He kept repeating to me. 

Just when I was in the middle of ferociously tearing apart every little detail of what you do, how you do it, how I would’ve done it, how it could’ve been better. 

Building a giant invisible wall- cutting the chord of energy we share between us.

Going back to my old faithful way of handling internal conflictions. 

I rush to the dock where my boat is waiting. 

Slow and steady, I depart, 

You look to the river and before you know it, the distance increases 

squinting your eyes to see me but, 

I’m too far gone